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Bsoaps logo from BrackencraftBsoaps, brackencraft natural marble patterned cedarwood, pine and rosemary soap



Natural hand made cold process soap.

We use only natural colourants and essential oils.

No sls, no parabens, no artificial anything in our soap!

Soap is sold in 100g bars. You may get a bit extra since we hand cut each bar but you will not get less than 100g.

INGREDIENTS: Olive Oil, Saponified Coconut oil, Saponified Organic Palm Oil and enriched and scented with essential oils. Preserved only with Natural Vitamin E or organic grapefruit seed extract. Many soaps also have an enrichment such as shea butter or cocoa butter. Please see the ingredients for individual listings.

Unwrapped soap in a groupBrackencraft fresh carrot soapShampoo soap from brackencraft the natural hand made soap cmpany since 2008


Brackencraft make four unfragranced soaps which suit different skin types.

Fresh carrot soap is unfragranced and made using as it's name sugests fresh grated carrots. It also contains skin nourishing carrot oil and sweet almond oil. Carrot oil is fantastic for nourishing the skin. £2.95

Coconut milk soap is as it suggest made using a plant milk. It's a great option for vegans who like milk soaps and is very gentle and soothing on most skin types. This soap contains dessicated coconut for added gentle exfoliation. £2.85

Unfragranced Clay soap is a pretty marbled soap which is very good for greasy skin and skins prone to spots and blemishes since the clay is purifying and works similar to a face mask drawing out impruities. £2.85

Plain Unfragranced soap is just that. Natural basic unfragranced soap. Several customers have said this is very good if you suffer from skin problems such as eczema. £1.80

Please choose from the drop down list:

Unfragranced soap

Calendula soap by Bsoaps and BrackencraftXmas cake by Brackencraft Bsoaps Garners soap by Brackencraft making soap since 2008


Camomile and Lemon soap - made using an infusion of camomile flowers with lemon and lemongrass essential oils and evening primrose oil. £2.80

Calendula and Orange - with sweet almond oil, calendula flowers and sweet orange essential oil. £3.00

Cedarwood, Pine and Rosemary soap-with swirls of green spirulina, scented with cedarwood, pine and rosemary essential oils and enriched with sweet almond to nourish skin. £3.00

Cinnamon swirl - with swirls of ground cinnamon bark spice, shea butter, organic grapefruit seed extract, Cinnamon Leaf essential oil. £2.90

Christmas cake - orange, lemon, cinnamon and ginger with a hint of depth from patchouli essential oils scent this lovely Christmasey soap which is scattered with dried cranberries giving it a fruit cake appearance and is available as both a conventional wrapped soap bar or as a "cake slice". Please do not eat. £3.00

Gardeners soap- especially formulated for sore gardening hands, with poppy seeds to exfoliate and clean skin and sweet alond oil to moisturise while rosemary and lavender essential oils have antisetic properties which is good for any small cuts from gardening. £2.80

Ginger and Lime - enriched with cocoa butter ad fragranced with essential oils of ginger and lime. £2.90

Green Tea with Peppermint and Nettles - made using an infusion of green tea, peppermint and nettles and scented with invigorating peppermint essential oil. A great "wake-up" soap! £2.70

Mixed Spice - a background soap scented with ginger and containing cubes of spicey cinnamon with patchouli. This soap is enriched with cocoa butter and shea butter. £3.00

English Lavender - made with evening primrose oil and English lavender essential oil. £2.80

Meadow soap by BrackencraftGinger flower soap by BrackencraftBrackencraft bsoaps, natural dog shampoo




Lavender and Coconut - lavender essential oil and enriched with evening primorse oil and contains exfoliating dessicated coconut for gentle exfoliation. £2.80

Geranium and Orange - made using aan infusion of calendular flowers to colour the soap a pale golden orange and with sweet almond oil, geranium and sweet orange essential oils. £3.00

Relaxing - Camomile infusion with spirulina colour this striped, three colour, pretty floral scented soap that has lemongrass, cedarwood, rosemary, lemon and lavender essential oils.£3.00

Kameleon - made using an infusion of calendula flowers to give this multi coloured soap a lovely orange/yellow colour. Enriched with sweet almond and scented with orange, lemon, lemongrass, rosemary and lavender essentail oils. £3.00

Rose and Geranium - eveing primrose oil, rose absolute, grapeseed oil, geranium essential oil. £3.50

Ginger flower - contains geranium & ginger essential oils combined with a hint or orange and lime. The soap has a two coloured stripe. £3.00

Summer garden - lavender, calendula and camomile flowers in rich soap scented with geranium. lavender, lemon, sweet orange and with just a hint of lemongrass. £3.00  

Coconut Ice - Dessicated coconut both decorates and works as a mild gentle exfoliant in this striped soap coloured using anatto and spirulina and scented with Lavender patchouli, cedarwood, orange, and pine. £3.00

Coconut Milk and Bergamot - A vegan milk soap made using coconut milk and fragranced with delicate bergamot essential oil. £3.00             

Floral soap bars

Relaxing soap by Brackencraft Bsoaps Walk in the wood natural hand made soap Coconut and Bergamot Brackencraft hand made vegan milk soap


Citrus - flecks of grated dried citrus peel give this soap a speckled and slightly exfoliating quality. Essential oils of sweet orange, lime and lemon combine with sweet almond oil for a refreshing effect. Ideal as a soap for bathing as well as for the kitchen. £3.00

Patchouli- enriched with shea butter and patchouli essential oil. £3.00

Patchouli and Orange- dyed a bright ornage using natural annatto and enriched with shea butter and patchouli and orange essential oils. £3.00

Walk in the Woods - Stripes of three soaps make a wonderful fragrant moisturising soap scented with Patchouli, cedarwood, rosemary, orange, pine, lemon and lemongress with enriching evening primrose, shea butter and sweet almond. £3.00

Patchouli & Citrus soap bars


Mixed spice soap bar vegan soap by BrackencraftTea tree and neem shampoo Kameleon vegan hand made Bsoaps

SHAMPOO & SHOWER BARS all £3.00 each.

INGREDIENTS: Olive Oil,Saponified Coconut oil,Saponified Organic Palm Oil and enriched and scented with essential oils. Preserved only with Natural Vitamin E or organic grapefruit seed extract.

Ideal for travel, our shampoo and shower bars can be used all over, however, they are not as moisturising to skin as the regular soap bars. Our shampoo and shower bars contain include a shampoo for dogs.

Rosemary shampoo - Coloured green with spirulina and contains rosemary essential oil. Rosemary is reputed to enhance dark hair.

Camomile shampoo - Made using a camomile infusion which colours the soap yellow and is reputed to lighten blonde hair and enhance natural blonde highlights. Contains lemon, lemongrass and lavender essential oils.

Tea Tree and Neem shampoo -coloured a lilac-blue using alkanet herb this soap has Neem oil and Tea tree essential oil.

Grapefruit - scented with refreshing grapefruit essential oil.

Doggy Shampoo - Dyed dark purple with alkanet root ( a herb), naturally insecticidal with citronella, tea tree, lavender & eucalyptus essential oils with Neem oil. The pictures on the labels are of my own dogs. Tested on humans, safety assessed (which is apparetly not essential for products for dogs!) and makes my own lads fur lovely, soft and sweet smelling whilst deterring nasty visitors naturally!

Shampoo and shower bars