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FAQs and other useful information:

Do you really make all of your products by hand? We do make all of our products by hand. We do not use any factory made bases but make all our products from scratch using quality ingredients. Wherever possible we source Fair Trade and organic ingredients. This ensures our product quality is of the highest standard. We use no artificial colours, preservatives, no SLS and no parabens or petrochemicals.

Why should I buy your products? Buying from Brackencraft means you can be sure your toiletries are as natural as is possible at the current time. Because we are a very small scale manufacturer all our products are also fresh since we manufacture in small batches and since we use only natural preservatives our products have a limited lifespan so are made fresh regularly.

Are your products animal friendly? All of the products we produce are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

How are you regulated? All of our products made in accordance with current Cosmetics regulations for sale in the UK and EU. All of our products have been independantly safety assessed. We also regularly ask advice from our local Trading Standards with respect to labelling etc. Our soaps are all weighed using Trading Standards certified scales.

How can I pay for my products? At present our preferred method is via Paypal as this allows us to dispatch goods to you immediately, without waiting for cheques to arrive in the post or clear. However we are happy to accept cheques if this is your preference.

How long will delivery usually take? If you pay by Paypal, goods will be dispatched within 48 hours after your order has been placed. We use Royal Mail for smaller parcels and a courier for thye larger orders. Delivery time is usually 7-10 working days. You will need to sign for the package upon delivery.

How long will my products last? Typically all of our soaps and products last up to 12 months before the essential oil in them begins to fade. To ensure that this does not occur prematurely please keep soaps in a suitable environment. For example direct sunlight, hot temperatures and areas likely to be wet/damp are not advisable as areas to store our soap, as the oils may be affected. Moisturisers and Body Butters are fine for 12 month from the date of opening of the container. Lip balms will be fine for 18 months.

How can I return an item if it is unsuitable? You are free to return any item in new unused condition within 28 days. The cost of the item will be refuned upon receipt. Please note we do not refund return postage. If an item is unsuitable and you have used it please call us to see if we can sort out the problem. We will do our best to try and help you. If really unsuitable please call us and arrange to return. Please note we do not refund postage if the item is used and you simply do not like it.

Do you sell your products abroad? Our products are available for sale in the UK and Europe. Currently we are unable to sell to customers in the USA or Canada.

Wholesale: We are able to supply direct to stores in the UK and Europe. Please email us or call us for further information.

Email: brackencraft@hotmail.co.uk

mobile: 07704 167416

Returns: If you are unhappy with your purchase please email us so we know to expect the product back and then return. We are happy to refund any purchases you are unhappy with. However we are unable to refund return postage costs.


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